​Importance Of Freight Forwarding Services For Your Business​

Feb 13, 2023

The freight forwarding industry is a massive sector. This business provides services that impact each of us. The import and export process is the key component where this industry delivers added value. And it wouldn’t have become such an enormous unit without a streamlined process and such benefits for business.

This is why various industries, such as manufacturers, distributors, and a whole supply chain, use freight forwarding to scale and grow. Also, these services can be a money sink if you are not an expert within the industry.

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding is nothing less than a specialized service. Freight forwarders offer a full service to move customers’ goods to their final destination. Freight forwarding simplifies logistics and covers an essential part of supply chain management. The freight forwarders industry manages the entire shipping process:

  • Load freight onto trucks.
  • To provide all the required documents for customs clearance.
  • Handle export and import burden on behalf of the client.

As such, freight forwarding became crucial for global trade as their services created a constant flow of moving customers’ cargo.

Freight forwarding advantages

Good freight forwarders offer specialized services. They can take care of many modes of transportation:

  • Loading from trucks to ocean carriers.
  • Optimize routes to cut the chance of delayed goods.
  • Handling all the necessary paperwork.
  • Managing unforeseen events, and working with insurance.

Important to mention that freight forwarders usually do not own fleets of trucks. A good freight forwarder offers service and control of the freight and shipment. Also, freight forwarders use carriers to ensure full-fledged transportation.

Reliable and burdenless logistics

It will make little difference for most companies what type of partner completes the task. The most important for them are safety, efficiency, and precision. A reliable freight forwarder takes full responsibility for collecting and delivering cargo. Not to mention even if the load consists of sensitive goods. It will help you to get the freight to the required location with full-pack services:

  • Without damaging cargo.
  • Full load or partial.
  • Ensures careful licensing processes.
  • Deal with insurance to ensure proper coverage even if the shipment is damaged or lost.
  • Offering fair rates and reliable transportation.

Freight forwarding services for your shipment may be more cost-efficient than they may seem.

Are freight forwarders necessary?

Freight forwarders are global agents. They are moving cargo in every region. They ease the interaction and delivery of freight for international companies. It helps to make the process efficient and focus on creating value. It is a huge benefit and critical advantage for any business. Stop looking for the best route – let the freight forwarders do their job. Their extensive knowledge and organized system enable top efficiency. No more complicated tasks related to international freight shipments. Avoid the following burden, get reasonable rates and top priority. Without freight forwarders, every shipping company would have:

  • Book cargo space.
  • Pay transportation and other required tariffs.
  • Prepare shipping documents.
  • Fit within tight deadlines.
  • Find customs brokers.

So many requirements would detract companies from value creation and cause significant resource spending. Finally, every company must choose carriers and manage unforeseen obstacles. Both need considerable time investments, detracting from a business’s primary goals.

Company’s responsibilities without freight forwarder

Why is a freight forwarder important to a business?

A freight forwarding company reduces a significant part of the burden related to logistics. Also, it helps to adapt to foreign transport protocols. Yet, cost saving is only one of the benefits for companies that international freight forwarders provide.

Customs regulations

International shipments must have bills of lading. This type of document discloses the internals of the container load.

Additionally, they must match the customs requirements across many countries. Things have gotten easier within large regions such as the USA and EU. Matching all customs requirements requires lots of knowledge. Also, customs brokerage could help solve many problems and take care of the entire process. As such, a company can avoid getting on the wrong side of the law if they use their services.

Cost savings

Freight costs can be pretty impactful for companies. If you see the bigger picture and could add all the expenses, such as

  • Export and import taxes.
  • Transportation maintenance (or renting).
  • Other taxes, and shipping expenses.

Freight forwarding agents have an extensive network of connections across many countries. They have access to carrier companies and many other international shipping businesses. The most crucial fact, freight forwarders can deliver cargo through a reliable network at much better rates.

Almost contract-free

A company must sign and manage dozens of contracts to do the same thing as a freight forwarding business. Instead of doing so, the same company can sign a single contract with a freight forwarder. Make it simple. Even if it is a minor benefit, but essential. They are reducing the complexity and management of shipping resulting in fewer resources wasted.

Excellent customer service

A freight forwarding organization is more than a cargo delivery business. A complex customer-centric company that facilitates communication with a variety of parties.

They have to provide excellent customer service to maintain good relationships. This is one of the most critical competitive advantages in the industry.

Package and inventory management

The freight forwarding industry relies on getting goods to their destination unharmed. Here one of the essential aspects is consultation. They tell customers the best ways to package freight to ensure proper delivery.

Additionally, the right freight forwarder will prioritize delivering on time. They do it through their nourished logistics networks.

Reasons to choose Spotos as your freight forwarder

The freight forwarding industry is very conservative but still improving. New kid in a block Spotos platform is the next step in its evolution. We have created a platform/marketplace that connects shippers and carrier companies. You can manage everything related to shipping and logistics through the Spotos marketplace.

Every carrier is eager to ensure they have the shipping capacity. So if one of the companies cannot provide your shipment needs, there are always plenty to choose from.

Spotos guarantees the safety of your cargo, regardless of who is the actual carrier of your goods. And even if anything happens to it, we will take care of all insurance and repayments.

We will handle everything, so you don’t have to deal with a custom brokerage or rerouted services. Spotos will get your shipment to the right place at the right time at competitive rates. Let’s revolutionize the freight forwarding industry together!

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