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Great platform to find transports for our cargo load; we are finding cheaper transports, and it’s also really helpful to check the route average market value. Includes invoices online, and the best part is that it is always the platform that invoices you. NOT required to engage in negotiations for payment methods with each transport company that books.


Indyk ITL


Everything was perfect and transparent. I could share all the information on every step with my colleagues. Everything was on time. Platform is very easy to use. Congrats on your platform!


UAB Skuba


Your system is great, it’s good to have such an opportunity and innovative solutions. I’m always team innovation!


Poniente Solutio


I have to personally tell you that we are currently working with many transports company but I´m in love of Spotos already. The way you organized your system, we can find all the information on the link, confirming the unloading without mailing and automatically having the invoice. I just like it a lot and wanted you to know. I hope we can load many trucks from now on.

Radically automated, radically better

Spotos is an essential tool for you if you are eager to reduce transportation costs, save time and maximise efficiency with automated processes. It is not only a convenient marketplace but much more.

Eliminate dependencies and discover partners for any route and any spot

We are developing the new spot freight market. This change is the biggest upcoming freight market transformation, enabling everyone to benefit from digitalisation and automation developments without restrictions.

Smart price

We deliver fair price optimisation due to new market dynamics created through SME participation, AI-driven automation tools & full pricing transparency.

Ultimate efficiency

We guarantee an efficient process that saves time. Full digitalisation leaves no space for human error, speculation and fraud.

Supreme quality

We offer top-notch tracking and quality assurance tools that would otherwise be available only to the biggest players in the market.

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