What is a EUR1 Certificate?

The EUR1 Certificate is a movement certificate used for trade between the European Union (EU) and countries with a trade agreement with the EU. A EUR1 certificate is issued by customs authorities, allowing goods to be imported into the EU with a reduced or zero import duty. It certifies that the goods originate from the EU or the territory of countries that have a preferential trade agreement with the EU.

A EUR1 certificate is a European Community Certificate of Origin or a EUR-MED movement certificate. The certificate is required to move goods to countries with which the EU has a trade agreement, such as Turkey or Switzerland. What is a EUR1? It is a crucial document for exporters and importers who want to take advantage of reduced import duties and streamline the import process for their goods. The EUR1 certificate is a vital tool for trade and promotes economic growth by facilitating trade between the EU and other countries.