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Haulage loads available

Many transport vehicles return carrying something. This is one of the main issues transport companies face nowadays. Accessing offers on haulage loads through an online platform boosts your work efficiency. Why? Because when you find loads back, you also earn money.

Finding return loads results in improved time management. In business, time is money. You waste resources and time if your truck returns with available vehicle space. Doing haulage loads means less time wasted. Thousands of independent drivers and transporters use our haulage exchange daily. They quickly find all the details of their freight and make their return trips profitable.

Italy, IT 41***
2024.03.15 - 2024.03.15
United Kingdom, GB WA***
2024.03.18 - 2024.03.18
FTL, 23 t
Reefer (Frigo)
Poland, PL 89***
2024.03.04 - 2024.03.04
Hungary, HU 29***
2024.03.06 - 2024.03.06
FTL, 21 t
Reefer (Frigo)
Poland, PL 19***
2024.03.04 - 2024.03.04
Netherlands, NL 37***
2024.03.06 - 2024.03.06
FTL, 23.5 t
Reefer (Frigo)
Spain, ES 30***
2024.03.06 - 2024.03.06
Lithuania, LT 01***
2024.03.11 - 2024.03.11
FTL, 21 t
Tautliner (Curtainsider)
Spain, ES 30***
2024.03.04 - 2024.03.04
Lithuania, LT 01***
2024.03.11 - 2024.03.11
FTL, 21 t
Reefer (Frigo)
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European online freight exchange

The transport services industry needs to be more cohesive and connected. As a result, business operations could be faster and more efficient. We’re aware of these thorny problems, so we’ve created a European freight exchange that enables you to do much more than freight exchange.

Do more with an extensive network of carriers and shippers

A widespread network is essential for any logistics industry player to succeed. With the Spotos freight exchange engine, you can access thousands of live loads and choose from 70k trucks.

Automate financial processes to avoid errors and mishaps

Ordering vehicles and empty-loading vehicles can be as painless as ordering a pizza on our freight exchange platform. Spotos freight exchange engine simplifies financial operations for shipment senders and carriers (transport companies) through Artificial Intelligence on our freight exchange website.

AI-based pricing algorithms ensure instant freight booking and immediate price recommendations for the shipment sender company. Also, it helps customers reduce paperwork and bureaucratic management. Automated invoicing and short payment terms are also on the Spotos freight exchange engine table. It is a huge advantage for all clients.

Bring clarity and transparency to your business

Let’s first say that AI does bring transparency to prices and costs. Yet, there’s an extra level of truth here. Having complete control of your shipment with real-time visibility is vital.

Trucks and shipments travel all over Europe. Without real-time tracking, you won’t know some essential information. For example, where your shipment is or whether something happened to it.

Communicate effectively and directly, without intermediaries

Spotos has developed a marketplace and a driver app. We have also created an ecosystem for shippers and transport companies. It allows them to connect directly, save time and settle things faster.

Spotos service doesn’t take part in freight delivery communication or confirm delivery documents. Shippers and carriers do that on their own. Yet, our services provide outstanding user support and guidance, help to settle claims and maximize the process.

Sleep tight at night knowing the partners you’re doing business with

Getting detailed information about your customer matter. It protects every party in a business relationship. Thus, ensure that your freight exchange members are verified and pass various security checks. This ensures a safe environment for doing business in any country.

Bring peace to mind with extra insurance that you can add to your shipments

Signing contracts between shippers and carriers is a goal of every logistics settlement. Yet, have you ever thought about what securities that agreement provides?

Loads moving is generally safe, but things can sometimes go wrong on various routes. When choosing a freight exchange, make sure it provides high-value loads insurance. It will reimburse you if your goods get lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

Fast way to find freight offers for your business

Managing the complete logistics of transporting loads across countries involves dealing with multiple jurisdictions. Different laws, regulatory requirements, currency conversions – you name it. The Spotos freight booking process is user-friendly. And it helps your company to avoid human errors and communication gaps.

Smart price

We deliver fair price optimisation due to new market dynamics created through SME participation, AI-driven automation tools & full pricing transparency.

Flawless process

We guarantee an efficient process that saves time. Full digitalisation leaves no space for human error, speculation and fraud.

Good choice for quality seekers

We offer top-notch tracking and quality assurance tools that would otherwise be available only to the biggest players in the market.

A safe and effective freight exchange platform for shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders

Freight exchange play a vital role in the present day as they make return journeys gainful. Since freight exchange target the logistics industry in general, they benefit everyone. Our engine empowers shippers, carriers, and drivers to eliminate dead millage, save time and reduce costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do freight exchanges bring?

Reputable online freight exchanges offer many benefits. For example, the Spotos freight exchange platform provides a broad network of carriers and transport companies, automated financial processes, safety, transparency, and additional guarantees. Make profits with Spotos service. Our freight exchange engine is an innovative kid in an old-school market.

How can I find the best freight solutions without hassle?

The easy way to find suitable freight solutions is to register online with Spotos freight exchange. Then, create and search for freight deals and sign a contract.

Which sections In the logistics industry does Spotos focus on?

Spotos freight exchange platform targets everyone in the logistics industry. In particular, shippers, transport companies, and freight forwarders. Be smart and increase your efficiency with the free Spotos marketplace. Profit with us if you are a carrier or shipper. Also, you don’t need to pay for registration and no subscriptions.

How can I start?

Don’t hesitate to try our free online freight exchange engine to test and see how online freight exchange works. We have excellent customer support and precise guidance for our users and clients. Register now and connect yourself to a mindful ecosystem.

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