Refrigerated Transportation Services

Looking for refrigerated transport for your perishable or frozen goods? Do you work with meat, dairy, flowers, art pieces, valuable chemicals, or pharma? Spotos at your service.

Deliver temperature-controlled goods across Europe

Global trade in perishable goods has been booming recently. Refrigerated transport enables the business to deliver goods with a short shelf life. Trucks with built-in refrigeration systems maintain desired temperature throughout the delivery.

Reliable and fast refrigerated transport services across Europe

Refrigerated trucks are a reliable and fast transport service for perishable goods. No need for expensive, specialized vehicles or equipment. An important advantage of refrigerated freight transportation is the optimal temperature for products. It prevents products from losing value during the journey. Also, it improves customer relationships, lowers costs, and increases sales. As a result, you achieve significant cost savings compared to traditional methods.

Some products that need refrigerated vehicles are specific, vital, and needed. Besides, the products need to be delivered within a strict timeframe. So get your freight delivered on time and without breaking the bank by shipping with Spotos. We have you covered with service to all European countries.

Track your order in real-time

Spotos promises complete control of shipments with real-time truck visibility. Receive real-time updates on the whereabouts of your shipment. A convenient platform makes it easy to follow your order anytime.

Trust your cold items delivery to the experts

Refrigerated vehicles help businesses to reduce costs, increase sales, and create more value for users. Also, it helps to preserve assets, lower liability, and create more solid customer relationships. The task of delivering perishable goods to different parts of Europe may seem like a trivial task at first. But if you use the Spotos platform, this task will get easier each time you order your next freight.

Strict regulations

An important advantage of refrigerated transport is the optimal temperature. It prevents products from losing value during the journey. Also, it improves customer relationships, lowers costs, and increases sales.

Fresh food - longer shelf life

One of the clearest trends in recent times is fresh and local food logistics in the global kitchen. People are crazy about gourmet cuisine and insist on a customer-centric approach. This anticipation requires businesses to respond and supply it with refrigerated vehicles.

Real-time truck visibility

Spotos provides real-time truck visibility. Every mile is accounted for, and you can be assured about your shipment.

Insurance and protection

With Spotos, your shipment is insured and protected. As a result, refrigerated courier boosts the ROI you are looking for.


Also, refrigerated trucks have a close link to sustainability. This service contributes to the preservation and protection of the environment. Optimal temperature prevents food spoilage and ensures that perishable goods keep fresh as they reach the final user.

Preserved nutritions

Refrigerated transport services help preserve the food that reaches your home and the nutrients in them. So, eating fresh meals impacts your health and enables you to do your best work.

Delivering cold items has never been easier

Our ambition is to improve every aspect of freight forwarding. With our self-service platform, we simplified freight forwarding as much as possible.

Smart price

We deliver fair price optimisation due to new market dynamics created through SME participation, AI-driven automation tools & full pricing transparency.

Flawless process

We guarantee an efficient process that saves time. Full digitalisation leaves no space for human error, speculation and fraud.

Good choice for quality seekers

We offer top-notch tracking and quality assurance tools that would otherwise be available only to the biggest players in the market.

A safe and effective way to transport your refrigerated goods

The Spotos revolutionized the principles of doing business in moving freights. Our engine empowers shippers, carriers, and drivers to eliminate dead millage, save time and reduce costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a refrigerated transportation service cost?

Spotos offers friendly pricing, promises no monthly subscription, and no strings attached. Just compare quotes and choose the optimal price for your needs.

Spotos offers two types of pricing:

The cost-effective choice is based on a dynamic pricing algorithm that applies after a customer submits a desirable rate range. After that, the freight status turns into “Waiting for booking.” Also, the selected rate range affects the probability of landing a truck. Therefore, if the chosen rate range is too low or irrational, you risk not booking a service.

The second choice is Fixed price. A fixed rate is our pricing option which guarantees your freight delivery by 100%, and normally it is more expensive.

What industries typically use refrigerated transportation services?

Refrigerated delivery services ensure that your chilled products will keep value during delivery. Refrigerated transportation serves the food industry, such as meat, dairy, and chilled products—also markets, such as pharmaceuticals, medical products, fine art, and perishable goods. With the help of temperature-controlled transportation, moving goods from spot A to spot B is now more efficient and safe.

How to ship refrigerated items?

Whether you are shipping chilled food, flowers, or pharma, keeping them at the right temperature is essential. If the temperature is controlled at all stages, your perishable goods can stay intact. We know that delivering perishable goods can be intimidating for a small company. Choose Spotos for your sensitive cargo and be guaranteed safety and flawless delivery.

What are tips for ensuring your products arrive safe and sound at their destination?

Chilled products must be protected from warm temperatures during delivery and be protected. Please follow the detailed guide on how to ship goods on refrigerated transport.

Prepare your shipment. Keep your cargo in a refrigerated environment before the shipment.

Keep clear communication. Ahead of shipment, inform the receiver of the delivery time. Confirm the responsible person’s availability to accept and store the goods in a refrigerated environment.

Pack precisely. Secure your cargo and ensure your freight is packed with thermal protection: foil, foam, or bubble wrap. A standard pallet with a liner is enough to keep chilled product quality during shipment.

Keep cargo secure. Your insulated box or pallet should withstand the forces of loading and unloading during transportation.

Seal and send. Close and seal off the top of your insulated pallet.

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