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Deliver your temperature-sensitive goods safely and quickly. Spotos offers cost-efficient solutions for temperature-controlled transportation – simply select your route and upload your first freight in minutes.

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Deliver temperature-controlled shipments across Europe

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Spotos provides full liability insurance

Streamline refrigerated transport in minutes with Spotos
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Trust your refrigerated transport needs to experts

We bring together immense logistics expertise and innovative technologies. With Spotos, you’ll ship your frozen goods fast and easy anywhere in Europe, no matter your business size or previous experience with refrigerated transport.

No busywork or haggling

Auction rates and automated invoices for your convenience.

Reliable carriers

All refrigerated carriers on Spotos are verified and vetted.

Radical price transparency

We charge a flat 4% margin, no hidden fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does refrigerated transportation service cost?

Refrigerated vehicles tend to consume more gas and are more expensive to maintain, so refrigerated transportation costs can be substantial. With Spotos, you are in charge of your transportation budget.

Spotos offers two types of pricing for shipping your temperature controlled goods:

Smart price is based on a dynamic pricing algorithm that applies after a customer submits a desirable rate range. It’s your opportunity to save, but be reasonable! If the chosen rate range is too low or irrational, you risk not finding a refrigerated courier.

Fixed price is a specific rate determined by recent market trends. It guarantees 100% freight delivery.

What industries typically use refrigerated transportation services?

Refrigerated transportation is the base of food logistics – meat, seafood, dairy, and frozen food all need rigorous temperature standards for transportation. It also serves pharmaceuticals, fine art, and cosmetics industries. With the help of temperature-controlled transportation, moving goods from spot A to spot B is now more efficient and safe.

How to ship refrigerated items?

To ship refrigerated items, such as food for pharmaceuticals, you need to book refrigerated vehicles that ensure insulation and temperature stability. If the temperature is controlled at all stages, your perishable goods will stay intact.

What are tips for ensuring your temperature-sensitive products arrive safe and sound at their destination?

Reputable refrigerated transport services like Spotos will do their part to ensure that your chilled products will keep value during delivery. This is what you can do to ensure foolproof freight safety:

  1. Prepare your shipment. Keep your chilled shipment in a refrigerated environment before the shipment.
  2. Keep clear communication. Ahead of shipment, inform the receiver of the delivery time. Confirm the responsible person’s availability to accept and store the goods in a refrigerated environment.
  3. Pack precisely. Secure your shipment and ensure your freight is packed with thermal protection: foil, foam, or bubble wrap. A standard pallet with a liner is enough to keep chilled product quality during shipment.
  4. Keep the shipment secure. Your insulated box or pallet should withstand the forces of loading and unloading during transportation.
  5. Seal and send. Close and seal off the top of your insulated pallet.
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