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Road freight transport is a popular, flexible, and efficient type of moving goods. But are you looking for a convenient way to move goods or find freight? Then, you are at the right place. Spotos is the only digital freight forwarder platform you need.

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Freight forwarding service process

On-demand support

Choosing self-service doesn't imply you have to handle issues independently. We provide live chat, email, and phone support in seven languages, ensuring you can have confidence in our readiness to assist you.

Flawless process

We guarantee an efficient process that saves time. Full digitalisation leaves no space for human error, speculation and fraud.

Good choice for quality seekers

We offer top-notch tracking and quality assurance tools that would otherwise be available only to the biggest players in the market.

Why choose Spotos?

Have you imagined a self-service logistics platform where you can access a network of freights, shippers, and carriers? If not, don’t worry. Nobody has. You are here at Spotos - the future of freight forwarding and shipping. So, let's dive into the advantages and values of Spotos.


Spotos is a unique ecosystem with an extensive network of shippers and truckers. As a result, everyone can find whatever they need, carrier, shipper, freight forwarder, freight, or driver.


At Spotos, we want a clear, simple, and easy way of freight transport. This is why we developed a self-service transportation platform. So order trucks as pizza, book instant freights as Bolt, and enjoy paperless mode as DocuSign.


Automation is not a panacea in business but rather the definition of efficiency, optimisation, and maximisation. Are you tired of performing analogue tasks manually? Let Spotos do it for you.


Transparency is an essential pillar of future logistics. With Spotos, you will get the following: Prices and costs comparison Guaranteed cargo safety Settled cargo claims Provided real-time visibility

Spotos specialty industries

Transportation management plays a crucial role in ensuring the industry's supply chain's success and delivering added value. Spotos is a robust platform for reducing transportation costs and time-consuming tasks for the following sectors.

Manufacturing logistics

Manufacturing and transportation have always been vital aspects of the industrial world. However, global trade and the rising demand for goods have become even more crucial. Simplify the logistics and transport of construction materials with Spotos.

Agriculture logistics

As the worldwide market for agricultural seeds is rising consistently, transportation management in the agricultural industry becomes even more vital in ensuring the farm production and food supply chain runs smoothly to prevent shortages worldwide.

Retail logistics

Today's consumers expect a fast and effortless experience with any brand. It involves meeting them where they are and giving them the shopping and transportation options they want. Improve your road haulage with Spotos for the efficient delivery of goods.

Wholesale logistics

Stages of retail transportation include warehouse receiving, inventory management, fulfilment, and moving goods. Register and discover the comfort of transportation.


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Trailer types we offer


Box trailer


A box trailer is a type of trailer that is enclosed on all sides, typically with a door on the back for loading and unloading.


Double deck trailer


Double Deck trailers have two levels to maximise trailer payload capacities. It makes them the perfect solution for the efficient transportation of goods.




"Frigo" is a shortened form of "refrigeration," transporting perishable goods.




Mega trailers are a variation of tautliner trailers, as they offer more space for cargo, allowing a shipper to fit more value in the trailer.




A semi-trailer is called a "tautliner" because it has flexible, tensioned curtains on the sides instead of solid walls. These curtains can be opened and closed.

A safe and effective way to ship goods across Europe

Never underestimate a well-organized system with a pinch of magic from AI. To brag about why you must choose Spotos is a waste of time. But we know it's worth it! Try it instantly, or keep reading to understand why Spotos is a unique platform for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is road freight?

Road haulage is the transportation of goods using trucks or other vehicles that travel on roads. It can include small trucks for local deliveries and large semi-trailer trucks for long-distance shipping. Road freight services are typically used to transport goods within a certain region or country. They can be a convenient and cost-effective option for businesses and individuals who need to ship items within a certain distance. Road freight can be especially useful for moving time-sensitive or fragile goods. It allows for more control over the transportation process. Deliver faster full load than other forms of transportation.

Which products can be transported by road?

Spotos is a versatile transportation platform allowing any business to move freights. Do you have a small pallet to move, or are you looking for transportation with specific requirements? Everything is here. Find cost and time-efficient types of transportation on our platform.

Are goods insured during freight transport?

The Spotos revolutionised the principles of doing business in moving freights. Our engine empowers shippers, carriers, and drivers to eliminate dead millage, save time and reduce costs. Also, we promise reliable, secure, and insured load forwarding. Insurance is one of the key aspects of transporting goods. So register and discover the comfort of shipping.

Can I track my shipment?

The Spotos offers not only real-time truck visibility to give you peace of mind at any time but much more:

  • A platform of over 20 thousand vehicles and more than 3 thousand carriers
  • Automated management of exceptions, claims, and charges
  • Instant booking and immediate price recommendations
  • Collection and consignment of invoices and payments
  • Transparent information on prices and costs
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