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Spotos is an innovative platform-forwarder that offers shippers access to a wide network of carriers across Europe. Digitization and automation of land transport is the name of our game.

Add power to your logistics

Spotos revolutionised the old-school logistics industry, combining it with cutting-edge innovation, customer-oriented design, and a futuristic vision. Our technological overhauls changed the perception of the logistics industry. With Spotos, companies will make shipping less costly while becoming more flexible.


Šarūnas Stanislovėnas CEO
Status quo is boring

I felt something is missing within the logistics industry. Something vital and fundamental which makes the industry fragmented and disconnected. I hate analogue, inefficient and time-consuming business processes. Also, I noticed how a lack of automation negatively impacts all the players in transportation. I wanted to demonstrate how simple freight forwarding can be. This is how the spark of Spotos was born.

What we
fight for?

Our self-service platform offers you speed, competitive price, accessibility, and safety. Spotos ambition is to improve every aspect of freight forwarding by enabling transparency, simplicity, and accessibility.


Transparency is an essential pillar of future logistics. With Spotos, you will get price and cost transparency, guaranteed cargo safety, and settled cargo claims if necessary. Also, Spotos promises complete control of shipments with real-time truck visibility.


At Spotos, we want a clear, simple, and easy way of moving freight. This is why we developed a self-service logistics platform. So order trucks as pizza, book instant freights as taxis, and enjoy paperless mode.


Automation is not a panacea in business but a definition of efficiency, optimization, and maximization. With Spotos, every step of your logistics is automated. Also, AI-based pricing algorithms ensure the instant booking and the best price.

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