Manage your contract freights easily, in one platform

Distribute your freights automatically to your carriers, get a comprehensive overview of all shipments, track the metrics you need, and automate your invoicing.

Spotos operations team sets up your trusty partners

All we need is the list of the carriers you will work with via Spotos. We will enable the contract functionality and make sure your partners are all here.

You create your contract in minutes

You will define the general information, the loading and unloading locations, and any other relevant details or requirements for your contract freights.

You upload your freights

Uploading freights will be very easy – all you will need to do is change the dates and the freight details, and your freights will be ready to go to your partners.

Spotos distributes your freights automatically

According to the rules you define while creating your contract, we will automatically distribute your freights to your partners, and we’ll handle their payments.

What our current clients say about Spotos

SPB Global

Great platform to find transports for our cargo load; we are finding cheaper transports, and it’s also really helpful to check the route average market value. Includes invoices online, and the best part is that it is always the platform that invoices you. NOT required to engage in negotiations for payment methods with each transport company that books.

Planet Nonwovens SL

I have had an exceptional experience with! From the moment I posted my transportation needs, they kept me informed throughout the entire process until they found a suitable transporter. Their service is impeccable, with top-notch customer support and very competitive pricing. We will definitely continue working with them.

How will you benefit from Spotos Contracts?

Find carriers for new lanes

Find new trustworthy, pre-verified carriers, ensure that you’re getting a fair market price, and work smoothly from day one.

Make freight distribution fast and easy

With our platform, the distribution to your partners is automatic - you only need to provide the freights.

Get a full contract freight overview

It’s easy to see where each freight is, what’s its status, and what needs your attention right now.

See detailed reports you need

We can provide you with the quality metrics you need to guarantee that you’re getting the best service.

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