Real people, a healthy ambience

At Spotos, we know what it means to change the status quo and ignite the revolution. At the same time, we value balance and a healthy aura of our team. We are not rebels; we are experts and know how to do business. Are you ready to step up?

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Why join

We are building something special—no more boring tasks. We promise no-nonsense and a pure business environment. We would be glad to see you unleash your potential and become a top gun. Empower yourself!

A platform for growth

Continuous learning is a key skill in modern society. Therefore, we embrace everyone to develop new skills daily by allowing access to online courses, tools and other resources. What is your next new skill?

Rewarding balance

Working in the office or remotely is the new norm. We like a balanced approach and are eager to cherish it.

Healthy ambience

Have you ever been surrounded by a responsible and self-aware team? We are here to strive for greatness. We are here to raise a unicorn.

Future unicorn

It is always nice to feel you are making a difference, to be a part of something bigger. So make a difference with Spotos.

Current job openings

Still, have hesitations in your mind? We don’t think so! Jump in!

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