Spotos increased authorised capital to 2,000,000 EUR

Mar 9, 2023

Spotos announced the successful completion of a capital increase. As a result, our share capital of 25,000 EUR is increased to 2,000,000 EUR.

Spotos, a digital freight forwarding platform, announced about successfully increased authorised capital to 2,000,000 EUR to enhance business reliability and provide solid financial backup to partners. This move is a significant step towards strengthening our position as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the logistics industry.

With this increased capital, Spotos can better assume all the risks of paying carriers. By doing so, Spotos enables partners to focus on their core work, with the assurance that their transport services will be paid in full and on time. This added reliability would help Spotos strengthen relationships with partners and establish a platform as a dependable and trustworthy participant in the logistics industry.

Commenting on the capital increase, Šarūnas Stanislovėnas, Founder & CEO of Spotos, said:

We are delighted to announce this increase, demonstrating our commitment to our partners and the logistics industry. This move will help us strengthen our position as a reliable and trustworthy partner. We look forward to continuing to provide our partners and carriers with the highest quality logistics and transportation services. This capital increase is a significant milestone for us, and we look forward to using it to enhance our platform further radically.

Traditionally, carriers have been responsible for customer verification, contracts, credit and debt management. From now on, the platform will take care of this part. Most importantly, it ensures price transparency so that the partner can always be sure that it receives fair market remuneration for its services.

Šarūnas Stanislovėnas, CEO of Spotos

Šarūnas Stanislovėnas, CEO of Spotos