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An online truckload board is a platform that connects shippers with carriers. It allows shippers to post loads that need to be transported, and carriers can search for and bid on these loads. This helps to streamline the process of finding and securing transportation for goods, saving time, and avoiding freight brokers. Also, keep a healthy cash flow for both parties. Spotos is essential for you if you are eager to find freight, reduce transportation costs, save time and maximise efficiency with automated processes.

Find truck loads for free

Introducing Spotos, a dependable and free load board that stands out from the rest. This automated platform is your go-to source for customers to look up available loads or trucks, bid them in real time – all at no cost! It’s ideal for carriers and shippers who want to reduce costs while maximizing their schedules. Make Spotos your number one choice today!

Find your next load in seconds

Spotos is a versatile logistics platform allowing any business to move freights easily. Do you have a small pallet to move, or are you looking for transport with specific requirements? Everything is here on Spotos. Find cost and time-efficient types of transportation instantly. Ease yourself from the logistics hassle. Spotos offers you speed, competitive price, accessibility, and safety. Spotos promises a fluent process with no phone calls or bureaucracy.

Spotos is a unique ecosystem with an extensive network of shippers and carriers. As a result, everyone can search and find whatever they need, carrier, shipper, freight forwarder, freight, or driver.

Platform available on any device, anytime

The global shipping industry is an old-school business requiring a change – digital innovation. A digital freight forwarder is a recent challenger reshaping the shipping industry. Spotos platform can be accessed from a PC and through the iOs, Android, and Huawei apps. This way, Spotos will always be within reach whenever you need it with unlimited access.

Why choose Spotos?

Have you imagined a self-service logistics platform where you can access a network of freights, shippers, and carriers? If not, don’t worry. Nobody has. You are here at Spotos - the future of freight forwarding and shipping. So, let's dive inside.


Spotos is a unique ecosystem with an extensive network of shippers and carriers. As a result, everyone can find whatever they need, carrier, shipper, freight forwarder, freight, or driver.


At Spotos, we want a clear, simple, and easy way of moving things. This is why we developed a self-service logistics platform. So order trucks as pizza, book instant freights as Bolt, and enjoy paperless mode as DocuSign.


Automation is not a panacea in business but rather the definition of efficiency, optimisation, and maximisation. Are you tired of performing analogue tasks manually? Let Spotos do it for you.


Transparency is an essential pillar of future logistics. This pillar is why Spotos offers you price comparison, cargo safety, settled claims and real-time freight monitoring.

Spotos is the easiest, most efficient way to find your next truck load

Our ambition is to improve every aspect of freight forwarding. With our self-service platform, we simplified freight forwarding as much as possible. Also, Spotos promises no monthly subscriptions and no strings attached. Just compare quotes and choose the smart pricing for your needs. Try Spotos in the most simple way possible. Only three steps and your freight is on its way.

Smart price

We deliver the best price optimisation due to new market dynamics created through SME participation, AI-driven automation tools & full pricing transparency.

Flawless process

We guarantee the most efficient process that saves time. Full digitalisation leaves no space for human error, speculation and fraud.

Top-notch quality

We offer top-notch tracking and quality assurance tools that would otherwise be available only to the biggest players in the market.

Loads for drivers from reputable shippers & freight forwarders

Never underestimate a well-organized system with a pinch of magic from AI. The Spotos revolutionised the principles of doing business in moving freights. Our engine empowers shippers, carriers, and drivers to eliminate dead millage, save time and reduce costs. You can try it instantly, or you can keep reading to understand why Spotos is a unique platform for you.

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Spotos promises no monthly subscriptions and no strings attached. Just compare quotes and choose the smart pricing for your needs.

Smart Price - Cost-Effective Choice
  • The auction rate is a dynamic pricing algorithm
  • Price increases nearby the delivery date
  • Define budget interval by yourself
  • Spotos offers the best-possible rate
  • Pay only the lowest rate picked by the carrier
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Fixed Price - 100% Freight Delivery
  • A fixed rate is our pricing option which guarantees your freight delivery by 100%, and normally it is more expensive.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use a load board?

The cost to use an internet truck load board can vary depending on the specific load board and the services it offers. Some load boards charge a subscription fee, while others charge a per-load fee or a percentage of the load’s value. Others, like the Spotos platform, charge only a fixed percentage from shipment: free registration and no subscription fee. We promise guaranteed freight delivery for a dynamic fee. Could you compare quotes and choose the best price for your needs? No monthly subscriptions and no strings attached.

How do I access the Spotos load board?

To access Spotos, the free load board, you need to register, create an account and log in to the platform. Once you have created an account and logged in, you should be able to access the load board and find loads. For example, depending on the specific load board, you can search for available loads, post your available capacity, or contact other users through the platform.

How to use Spotos freight load board

Try Spotos in the simplest way possible. Only three steps and your freight is on its way.

  • Step 1. Select The Pricing Option! We have two pricing options smart and fixed. Select one which best suits your needs. Save money and reduce costs.
  • Step 2. Enter The Required Information. Put all the details of your freight, and the rest burden is on the Spotos expert team.
  • Step 3. Enjoy The Rest. Relax. We got covered for you. Now, you can track your load in real-time at Spotos and gain profits.
What do I need to be featured on the Spotos load board?

Spotos is a platform that connects trucking companies with shippers needing transportation services. To be featured on the load board, you must meet certain requirements and follow the guidelines set by Spotos.

  • You must be a licensed and insured trucking company. This includes having the necessary permits and licenses to operate as a carrier.
  • You must have a good safety record. Spotos places a high emphasis on safety, so you must have a good safety record and follow all safety guidelines and regulations.
  • You must have a reliable and well-maintained fleet of trucks. Your trucks should be in good condition and able to transport the loads you will carry safely.
  • You must be able to provide proof of insurance and any other required documents. This may include proof of liability insurance and other documents as required by law

By meeting these requirements and following the guidelines set by Spotos, you will increase your chances of being featured on the platform and connecting with shippers needing transportation services.

How to post load on load board

To post a load on a board, you must follow these steps:

  • Sign up with Spotos. Most truckload boards require you to create an account before you can post a load.
  • Could you provide the necessary information about your truck loads? This will typically include details such as the origin and destination of the load, the type and size of the load, the equipment required to transport the load, and any special requirements or restrictions.
  • Could you set the rate for your load, please? First, you will need to determine how much you are willing to pay for the load and enter this information into the load board’s system.
  • Submit your load. Once you have entered all the necessary information about your load, you can submit it to the load board for review.
  • Could you wait for carriers to bid on your load? Then, once your load is live on the load board, carriers can see it and place bids to transport it.
  • You can select a carrier. Once you have received bids from carriers, you can review their profiles and ratings to determine which carrier best fits your load. Finally, you can select a carrier and confirm the details of the load with them.

Following these steps, you can successfully post truck loads on a load board and connect with carriers who can help you transport your goods.

Who can post to load board?

Trucking companies and carriers typically use load boards to find and book loads to transport. As such, the primary users of load boards are usually carriers, owner-operators, and other transportation companies.

However, shippers and other businesses that need to transport goods can also use load boards to find carriers to transport their goods. In this case, the business would post the load on the load board rather than a carrier looking for a load to haul.

To post truck loads, you must have a valid account on the platform and meet any requirements or guidelines. For example, some load boards may have additional requirements for shippers or other non-carrier users, such as providing proof of insurance or having a minimum volume of loads to be transported.

How do I find truck loads online?

There are many load boards, but only a few are free. Here is the list of to-dos if you want to find truckloads for free.

Utilise free load boards as Spotos

Some load boards offer free services to carriers and shippers. But Spotos the only fully automated platform with a free load board. Our platform allows customers to search for and bid on available loads or trucks. These load boards can be a good option for carriers starting or looking to fill gaps in their schedule. Also, you could save the fee required for freight brokers.

Reach out to shippers directly

Carriers can also contact shippers directly to see if they have any available loads that need to be transported. This can be a good option for carriers that have established relationships with shippers or are looking to build new partnerships. Nevertheless, Spotos could offer flexible pricing and high-quality, insured service.

Join a trucking forum

Many online forums and communities for truckers can be a good resource for finding available loads. Still, the most secure way to find loads is the Spotos platform. It is free, and no subscription is required.

Utilise social media

Many carriers and shippers use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect and find available freight. Connecting with industry professionals and joining relevant groups can be a good way to learn about available freight. Also, you can always connect with partners on the Spotos platform and find freight.

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